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Spatial data producers and users in Nepal will increasingly utilize the Internet GIS Portal as a platform for accessing and sharing geographic information. This user-friendly service will improve the effectiveness of the geoinformatic sector in the country.


Population and Housing Census 2001 Mapping Component
Juergen Stadel

The Overall Objective
To strengthen planning and resource management in Nepal through the development of an NGII.

Specific Objectives of the Mapping Component
  • To develop an NGII platform to facilitate data sharing among CBS, SD and participating agencies.

  • To disseminate Population and Housing Census 2001results via an NGII platform.
Expected Results
  • Dissemination of the 2001 census results.

  • Digital Mapping capabilities in the SD and the CBS strengthened and updated.

  • Effective tool for planning economic and social development created. This tool would help decision making in districts based on reliable, timely and user- friendly data.

  • Greater interactivity between organizations that produce data, using the Survey Department census maps as common denominator. The intranet connections of the N-GIS would allow a more permanent connection between organizations.

  • Easier spatial analysis of the census results
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