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 Management / Organization
Jurgen Stadel
Raja Ram Chhatkuli
EC Co-Director
National Co-Director
The Project Management Unit (The PMU)

The Project Management Unit (PMU), jointly co-headed by the European and Nepalese Co-Directors is in charge to manage day-to-day technical, financial and administrative work of the project.

» The Project Steering Committee (THE PSC)
» Partner Agencies
» Technical Assistance
» Technical Assistance Staff List

The Project Steering Committee (THE PSC)

A Project Steering Committee (PSC) is approving work- and budget plans and supervising the PMU. The PSC consists of the following members.

Survey Department (Director General) Chairman
CBS (Director General) Member
National Planning Commission (Representative) Member
Ministry of Land Reform & M. (Representative) Member
European Commission (Representative) Observer
EC Co- Director Secretary
National Co- Director Secretary
Other representatives to be invited as and when necessary
Partner Agencies

The major stakeholders of the project are the Survey Department, the Central Bureau of Statistics together with its 33 district offices, and four Ministries, the Ministry of Local Development (MLD), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC), Ministry of Health (Department of Health Services) (MOH), and the Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE).

Technical Assistance

The implementation of the Technical Assistance was awarded to Lahmeyer International Gmbh. The Lahmeyer Group is one of the largest independent German engineering companies, with headquarters in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt am Main. For over thirty years LI has been active in more than 140 countries as consultants, technical experts and project managers in all infrastructure fields.

Technical assistance started in August 2002 and will be carried out for duration of 35 months. The team consists of one long term (LT) and seven short-term (ST) experts working in the field of institutional strengthening, GIS, networking, database, Internet, statistics and pricing.

Technical Assistance Staff List

S. No. Name Position Contact
1 Jürgen Stadel EU Co-Director Email:
Tel: +977 1 4499 092
2 Christine Brönner GIS specialist Email:
Tel: 09393/650
3 Jan-Olaf Droese Network/computer specialist Email:
Lahmeyer International GmbH
Friedberger Str. 173
61118 Bad Vilbel
Tel: 06161/55-1611
4 Marco Bruno Giana Analyst in Java, HTML, ASP, Cold Fusion Email:
Tel: +43 1 3674249
5 Dietmar Schütz Database specialist Email:
Lahmeyer International GmbH
Friedberger Str. 173
61118 Bad Vilbel
Tel: 06101/55-1970
6 Horst Beschmann Survey statistician Email:
7 Dr. Elisabeth Mann Institutional strengthening specialist Email:;
Mobile: +44 797 6308261
8 Otmar Werner Commercialisation/ Pricing specialist Email:
Lahmeyer International GmbH
Friedberger Str. 173
61118 Bad Vilbel
Tel: 06101/55-1548


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