Land cover of Nepal 2010

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Abstract Land cover and its change analysis across the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region is realized as an urgent need to support diverse issues of environmental conservation. This study presents the first and most complete national land cover database of Nepal prepared using public domain Landsat TM data of 2010 and replicable methodology. The study estimated that 41.9% of Nepal is covered by forests and 27.32% by agriculture. Comparative analysis with Landsat TM based global land cover product showed difference of the order of 30-60% among different land cover classes stressing the need for significant improvements for national level adoption. The online web based land cover validation tool is developed for continual improvement of land cover product. The potential use of the data set for national and regional level sustainable land use planning strategies and meeting several global commitments also highlighted.
Purpose Development of baseline information for environmental management.
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Descriptive Keyword Land cover, Land use, servircat, icimod-servir (theme) Nepal (place)
Land cover of Nepal 2010
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East 88.19456
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North 30.42472
South 26.36836
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