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  • Photogeological Map (Central Nepal)

    This is the Geological map of the country. This map is primarily based on field work done by the authors in the years 1975-77. systematic use was made of aerial photographs both in field work and in..
  • Geological Map (Whole Nepal, 1:1000000)

    This is the Geological map series of the country. This map was prepared by the Department of Mines and Geology. This map was prepared in 1994.
  • Engineering and Environmental Geological Map (Hetauda Area, 1:25000)

    This map is exclusively intented for planning at a regional scale. It should not be used as the only basis of investigation for individual buildings. The map cannot replace detailed site investigatio..
  • Geological Map of Nepal (Eastern Nepal)

    This map is compiled on the bases of 1 inch to 1 mile. Quandrangle geological maps prepared by the geologists of the Department of Nepal Geological Society. Some additional informations are also draw..
  • National Parks of Nepal

    Till date there are12 National Parks in Nepal. They are: Bardiya National Park, Banke National Park, Chitwan National Park, Khaptad National Park, Langtang National Park, Makalu Barun National Park, ..
  • Conservation Areas of Nepal

    Till date, there are 6 Conservation Areas in Nepal. They are Annapurna Conservation Area, Api Nampa Conservation Area, Krisnasaar Conservation Area, Gaurishankar Conservation Area, Kanchenjunga Cons..
  • Hunting Reserve of Nepal

    Till date, there is one Hunting Reserve (Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve) in Nepal.
  • Buffer Zones of Protected Areas of Nepal

    Till date, there are 13 buffer zones of the Protected Areas in Nepal. We have a buffer zone for 12 national parks and one for Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.
  • Protected Areas of Nepal

    Nepal is a country endowed with natural resources and biodiversity. To conserve rare and endangered wildlife, including floral and faunal diversity, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conserva..
  • Wildlife Reserve of Nepal

    Till date, there is one Wildlife Reserve (Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve) in Nepal.

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